A fun, vibrant music video in the style of a retro sitcom for DACEY's latest single, STEPMOM.​​​​​​​
The Story
DACEY approached us in early 2022 wanting a music video for their latest single, STEPMOM. The concept was quite... big. 
Retro aesthetic, sitcom-style, a girl who's in love with her neighbor but deciding to marry the father (as well as many others) out of spite after getting rejected...
There were several elements which we thought about taking out, but in the end we decided trying to cram it all in would be rather a fun challenge. 
As the director and editor, I knew for this concept to work it had to be as bizarre, campy and exaggerated as possible. We had one location, a tight budget and a shotlist too long for our own good. 
We wanted to make a fun music video, so from the casting to performance to lighting we tried to include elements of humor in every scene. However, what made the biggest difference in the end was to not take ourselves too seriously.
The crew and cast of this music video is what really made this project shine. It was the most enjoyable and energetic set I've experienced, and the chemistry we each had with one another really reflected in the final piece as we all had our own creative inputs. Despite a small, burning issue we had near the end, the experience of creating this MV has been as valuable as the final video.

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